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Sassy Lil Bat by PhantomAura8166 Sassy Lil Bat :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 1 0 Ursula by PhantomAura8166 Ursula :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 4 0 KilalaOTP:Starxie (Contest entry) by PhantomAura8166 KilalaOTP:Starxie (Contest entry) :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 25 5 Merpony OTA -closed- by PhantomAura8166 Merpony OTA -closed- :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 20 5 Selkie by PhantomAura8166 Selkie :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 4 0 Natari by PhantomAura8166 Natari :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 2 0 Oxley by PhantomAura8166 Oxley :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 6 0 Sting Ray by PhantomAura8166 Sting Ray :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 5 0 Grump by PhantomAura8166 Grump :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 5 0 The changeling queen by PhantomAura8166 The changeling queen :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 2 0 Pony headshot thing by PhantomAura8166 Pony headshot thing :iconphantomaura8166:PhantomAura8166 2 2


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Sassy Lil Bat
Quickish little doodle done in between the other like  3 or 4 pictures I have started on and not finished... Heh... Any who Felt like drawing this gal and chibis so this was sort of the result of that. Pixel was an Oc of mine that I created on my old account.
Its like almost 4 in the morning here.... But I really wanted to get this one finished! So long story short I was at work the other day and out of no where I got the song poor "unfortunate souls" From "The little mermaid" stuck in my head. I then got to thinking to myself hey why not try to draw Ursula? This took like two or three days i think. I really need practice on hands....
KilalaOTP:Starxie (Contest entry)
Entry for  :iconkilalaaa: OTP contest 
Info regarding this contest can be found here:

Edit: I changed the back ground a bit to a more pastel pink color because after looking at the image on my phone the background was way too saturated for my liking..

This was a ton of fun to work on! This is my first time drawing more then one character in this style and it was wonderful practice!I love Trixie as a character and really dont know why I haven't drawn her up until nowSweating a little....  Whenever I saw the part about adding Dove or Geode Glitz to the image I knew I wanted to add Dove somewhere in the image.
The original idea for this image was actually a bit darker... My original idea was to have Dove's horn broken and have her parents there to comfort her, however after the image was sketched out it morphed into a happy family hug. 

Dove belongs to: kilalaaa 
Trixie and Starlight: MLP fim copyright Hasbro 
Merpony OTA -closed-
So the inspiration behind this gal was a little weird to be honest... I was at work and I had a lady come through my line and on the back of one of her items there was a graphic of a orange and white gold fish (it may have been a koi I dont know) But later at like one in the morning I sketched out a quick scribble which became this character. 

Rules to adoption:
-Do not steal!
-If you ever decide that you want to resell this character you may not resell her for more then what you originally payed for her unless you have additional art work done of her.
-You can post my art to your profile but please credit me for the original drawing
-You may change her design as you wish 
-You can buy this character as a gift for someone 
-You can co-own this character with someone
-I will note you a copy of the image without the water mark 
-Please comment Babs seed in your comment if you read the rules

What I will accept:
-Characters (Preferably next gen characters)
-Art of my ocs

What I will not accept: 
So a few days or so ago I finally finished playing Pokemon moon and that sort of inspired me to finish this doodle. I normally always pick the water starter when playing Pokemon games probably because I prefer water types over grass and fire. However when they announced the sun and moon starters I was not really for sure who to pick... However when they announced popplio final evolution I fell in love with the design and when the game came out popplio was my obvious choice. I ended up naming mine Selkie hence the title of this image. I dont know how much i like that eye... I will more then likely update it later but right now im lazy...



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